Events And The People

I think that every event that books my services is an opportunity to see new things…like the people that attend the events and how the venue sets up the room! How awesome is that? You never know who you will meet or what their personalities will be while planning out the events! The part that brings a smile to my face is how different the people can be before and during the event…stress tends to change a personality but when they get to the actual event its all about the fun.Party dancing To YMCA

It is always great to see the people that place so much thought and effort, finally relax and let loose to the music I play. People are all different and that’s why I DJ! Each gig is different and you never really know how the night will go! All I know that by the end of the night the people end the evening with a giant smile and I hope they are thinking, “what a great night this was for us.”  I try to create an experience for them:)

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