Getting The Right DJ At The Right Price?

When looking for a Disc Jockey for a wedding reception, school function, or corporate event make sure you are getting the right DJ for your function. Here is the deal, Price is not always everything and you do not always get what you pay for, so be careful! The cheaper DJ’s are the riskiest ones, so are the high priced DJ’s. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for and not getting less than what you expect. Some Disc Jockey’s have a starting price of $1,000.00 a wedding with nothing more than their laptop and a microphone! Which could be ok if the DJ is AMAZING but if not you better ask that DJ to throw in some lights, and to find out what makes him worth $1,000.00 or go somewhere else. If you are wanting a huge set up then expect the price to be high because that is what you are wanting. If you are wanting a DJ with a simple set up and some lights DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF!

Call around and do some comparisons. It’s ok to tell the DJ you are doing this, just never tell them who the others you have talked to because most DJ’s will sell down the other DJ. Go with your gut and feel comfortable with the price you are paying. In most cases if the DJ makes you feel comfortable over the phone about his services after you have talked to several others then you should go with him. You ALWAYS want to shop around when dealing with getting a DJ because it is a one shot deal and you want it to be good! I am not saying $1000.00 is too high for a DJ, just make sure you are getting more than a person with an iPod connected to a boom box and stares at the wall while¬†you are throwing your bouquet…is all I am saying!

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