Disc Jockey VS. Live Band



It is good to be able to use either a band or a Disc Jockey when you are planning a wedding or event. What it all comes down to is opinion and money. If you got the money honey then the band has got the time! If you are wanting a larger selection of music at an affordable rate then you really want a good DJ. I say “Good DJ” because no one I have ever talked to has ever said, “Kevin can you be a bad DJ for tonight because I would really like to send my entire party into a drool feast coma before the night is over!”

what you need to do is figure out how large of a wedding reception are you going to have as far as your peeps go. will you have thirty people or 500 people? The band can be a more energized choice, but who will do their breaks, who is going to feed them all, and if they are out of town where are you going to put them up for the night? A Disc Jockey is usually way more affordable, can give your crowd the music they want they way they know it, and can get your event moving more smoother in most cases. Again YOU HAVE TO GET A GOOD DJ. A DJ or a Band can make or break your entire evening. How do you figure out if they are good?

You can normally figure out a good entertainer by the conversation on the phone longs they are the ones performing at your event. If they are just an agent you want to make sure to can talk to the entertainment directly. Get some referrals or an demo disc from them if they are a band. If you do not get a good feeling in your gut, good chances that is not the person you want to perform at your event! Your gut is smarter than you think:)

I will say a small string band does add an sense of elegance like no other. They are great for a ceremony or dinner music. Of coarse a DJ can play a great selection of dinner music for you, it is an added elegance if you can budget in a live string band. Just my personal opinion.

In closing yes Bands are fun if they can sing, play well, and have all the music you want. A “Good” Disc Jockey can make the crowd dance, have all your favorite hits, and not break the bank! Bands can be from $1,000 – $5,000 and a DJ can average $300 – $1,500 depending on what your needs are for your special day!

Did I mention make sure you get Good DJ? 🙂

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