Djing A Prom or Homecoming Dance is Really not All that BAD

Play this, play that, hey don’t play that, what are you playing next is everything a DJ will hear at a Prom or Homecoming dance. Oh yeah and their is always that one kid who wants to hangout with you to see how it all works. Some DJs find this annoying and impossible to work with, I find it fun and challenging! Let me tell you that any kid party is going to show you if you have game or not in the DJ business. They will never┬áhesitate to tell you if you suck or stay quiet if you are playin their favorite jamz…do kids say jamz still:)

Anyway, I always seem to be a kid favorite and I think its because I truly enjoy Djing the school events! I get to play all the latest songs and use the lights I paid a good penny on while they dance. I feel the kids can read that I am a pretty cool DJ and want to be there for them for a night that is a big deal for them! I will keep playing all the newest hits and continue to make the kids want to dance all night long…that is until its time to go:)

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