Selecting the Correct Music

As a experienced DJ I learned that it is not only important to play the correct songs to fit your crowd, it also is how you play them. Now I am not talking about beat mixing, although a cool thing to do if you are good at it, I am talking about music flow.

You want to make sure the music flows well with the other. How does one do this you ask? Well let me tell you:) It is done by picking music that complements the other when played side by side. It is never a good idea to play Frank Sinatra then some Will Smith or Black Eyed Peas. You wouldn’t really want to play a high energy dance song then go straight into a Country slow song.

Instead let the song before the new song complement the other. For example: You may play a Rock song into a Country song because those two can crossover some time. You may play a current R&B song and go into Motown. Motown to an Oldie but Goodie. Some how let the songs have a connection to the other, whether it is by the same tempo or by style, you want to make sure the music is pleasing to the ear and feet:)

Thank you very much:) I am DJ TRAXX in the SMOKIES and I service Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Knoxville, and the entire East Tennessee Area! I look forward to DJing your next event: 865-207-6579


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