Helpful Tips on Hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey

Wow! There are so many DJs out there that have great prices, tell Brides they are the best, and want to have your business before you even know what you want. Here are a few things to think about when you are wanting to hire a Disc Jockey at a Wedding Reception or Party event!

1. How do you know the DJ you are hiring is a professional and the DJ for you will make sure you actually talk to the DJ that will be performing at your event before you hire the Disc Jockey services. Many times you will talk to the head DJ who can sell water to a dolphin and may have the skills to DJ your event. The problem comes he/she may not be the one actually DJing your event. make sure you feel good about the DJ you talk to and that they seem to be a great fit for your event!

2. If you seem more knowledgeable than the DJ you are talking to about the event it will not matter the savings they might be able to save you because your event will NOT go well and YES I can guarantee it! Nothing is worse than hearing time and time again how bad a DJ was at an event and then finding out they got the cheapest one. Sometimes over a fifty dollar difference.

Look your guests deserve better as well as you do. Make sure that the DJ is one that can share professional ideas to enhance your event. That $50 or $100 you think you are saving at the time, yet are not completely sold the DJ is the one for your event, will seem like money you wish you would have spent on a better DJ. By that time it is way too late and EVERYBODY suffers.

Look at it this way. The extra money you are spending ($50 to $100) will be acting as an insurance policy on your event going off without a hitch. DO NOT get sucked into high priced DJ’s that offer a lot of bells and whistles that you may not even want, however it is what comes with their “package deal.” Do not get the cheapest DJ and don’t go with the most expensive. Go with your instinct and gut. If you feel awesome about the DJ then go with that DJ over trying to save a few measly bucks.

3. There are other things to think about, however the top 3 things to always think about when hiring a DJ is to find out if the company is reliable. What is their back up plan if they do not show or cannot make it. Get referrals. See what their word of mouth is. While I am typing this blog a great thought is to call around the area you are getting married and ask the event coordinator of that location who do they recommend.

Bottom line you want to gather enough information before you make your final decision and send in your deposit with the contract. Most events are a once in a lifetime event and you want it be an amazing experience.

If you have any other questions or need some help in your area call 865 207 6579 and I will be more than willing to help you out! Good luck with your event and have a wonderful day!

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