The Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas Show

I want to start to make my page helpful to all the Brides, Grooms, and their family members coming into town who are getting married and still have a few days to play in the Great Smoky Mountains. I have seen the regular show of The Smoky Mountain Opry located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at traffic light #0. All the Lights are numbered in our area to help find the places you are looking for easier to find.

This show is amazing and I happen to see the Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry opening night. Without a doubt it is a MUST see this and every Christmas trip you make to the Smoky Mountains! It will be your next family tradition. It has it all! The music is amazing which is supported by amazing singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians. Plus the effects are great with lasers, smoke machine, snow machines, they have hundreds of moving head LED lights, the band cart is all LEDS (oh and it moves during the show), angels are flying on rigs and there has to be three or four in the air at one time, and it surpasses any show in this area! It’s a MUST see for anytime of the year and especially for the Christmas season!

Great Music, Great Sound, and Great visual effects what more could anyone ask for, plus they wrap up the show with the true meaning of Christmas – the Birth of Christ! Man is it powerful! No show in town can touch this show and I have seen a lot of the shows around town . I even had a friend of mine, who works at a local theater in town say, “We can’t hold a candle to this show even if we tried.” Go see Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry you’ll be so happy you took my advise.

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