Fun ideas For PROM

Images001 158_fullThe following are Fun ideas that you can do for PROM according to the website                                           Photo provided by DJ TRAXX in the Smokies

  • Bring bubbles to the prom; Or, an even better idea is to suggest it to the prom committee! It may sound a little out there, but I guarantee you and your classmates will have a ball. No one can resist bubbles!
  • Go to the prom in a van! It’s a lot cheaper than a limo, and much more fun than driving separately. Find someone to let you borrow their mini van, or rent one for a day or two. You can even decorate it with hand painted signs and streamers. Your own little prom chariot!
  • Get your date pumped up for the occasion. Send him cute messages as the prom approaches. Stuff them in his locker at school or e-mail him. Let him know you are ready and really psyched!
  • Floor him with your creativity and design your own fancy invitation! Request the honor of your “Prince Charming” at the ball. Slip it into his locker or book bag so he’ll be surprised!
  • Get down! Does your date jam? Better find out before its too late to do anything about it. Give him dance lessons. If he needs them, that is. Make it fun and learn a few steps together!
  • Surprise him with a delicious & romantic pre-prom feast! Celebrate the approach of their big night with a private little one!
  • Spend an afternoon together at the tux shop. Have him try on every style, and decide together which one makes him feel the most suave and debonair. Hey, rent a James Bond flick the night before!
  • Ask the prom committee to include disposable cameras in the budget. Have them gathered up at the end of the night and create a prom collage, or post the best pix on a website for everyone to enjoy!
  • Plan an “after prom” sleepover with your friends. you might want to just hangout and relax! Then, when everyone is wide awake you can have a wild breakfast of omelets, waffles, pancakes or whatever! Mmmmmmmm!
  • Once you get back all the photos you shot (before, during, and after the prom), put together a collage of pictures and sayings just for your friends! If you’re really happy with the results, you can bring it to a professional photographer for duplicates! It’s a very thoughtful and generous gesture that they will always treasure.
  • Play Steven Spielberg and make a mini movie! Film tons of footage of your friends, family, and teachers! Edit it, copy it, and then you can distribute it!

The above information is from the site

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