What Brides Need to Know

In the crazy busy world we live in it is easy to to say, throwing in the idea of planning a wedding, can seem a bit overwhelming. Heck even trying to plan to be at a wedding, that isn’t yours, can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few things Brides Need To Know when planning a wedding.

1. It’s your wedding so make it your own! Other than your fiance’ take all other “have-to-do” ideas from other sources  and throw them out the window! Don’t try to make everyone else happy,  just focus on you. You know what will make you happy so go with it. If you spend too much time trying to fit in other peoples view of “a perfect wedding” you may find yourself stressing out on how you will fit in what you wanted to do in the first place.

3. Get a checklist of all the things you need to have a wedding and reception. You can find them online real easy and print it out. It may open your eyes to new ideas and close your mind to the ideas you would never have at your wedding. It is a great tool to use to make sure all your details are in check.

4. Location, location, location. Make sure your location is the perfect setting for your wedding. That setting may not be what you see in the movies…have you seen the budget of a major movie? crazy high and sometimes way over the top, even though great to see on the big screen. Keep things in perspective but always see what your options are. You may find the perfect location and a good price. Knowing the feel of what you want is the first step. Beach, Country, Vintage, outdoor vs. indoor, elegant, or possibly a relatives home. You pick what will make the day special the rest will follow.

5. Food. So I get you want the food to be great. Let me tell you this one thing. Longs the food is good it doesn’t matter what type it is. Your guest want only one thing at this time to feed themselves and to enjoy it while they are eating. Go simple. You don’t always need prime rib and fancy potatoes. Mash those bad boys and get some BBQ on the side if you are having a country-style wedding. Go with a good flavored chicken breast with some seasoned green beans. The idea is to not stress out by impressing your guests by the food, impress them by how much you love your fiance’. Tasty food is all you need ad you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get it either.

6. I would not be helping if I didn’t say know the size of your reception and get the right entertainment for the feel you are looking for. If you are having a reception of 25 people then prop up the personal speakers and play music through your digital player. If your are having a reception for 40 and above know what type of feel you want. Laid back or get up and dance the night away! DJs are great for this! The right DJ will keep this moving smoothly and in the direction you need it to throughout the reception. Bands are good too. They might be limited to what they know for song selections, however, can know enough to keep things going. You may want a two piece band to play great background music or a full band to get things jamming! Remember with a band they will need to take a break and to plan for the intermission. No matter what you do the entertainment will make or break your event so make sure it is the right feel and right set up for your wedding day!

7. Find someone else to manage the final details. Ok so you have all the ideas you want in your head and figured out, now what?!? Get someone else in your family who is organized to make it happen. Or have the locations event planner get all the details together. Meet with them every now and then to make sure your ideas are not becoming altered by the “easy way out” method.

8. Remember you are marrying your fiance’ not everyone else that same day. Sure, when you marry two families become united and you will have plenty of time to take their suggestions later in life. This is the day you will remember with your fiance’ take time together in the moments of the wedding. Get the photos you need, but don’t go crazy. Have your photographer there from start to finish. They will get more than enough for you to reminiscence over as the years go by. Dance with your fiance’, introduce family members to each other, take a brief walk with each other. Make this day yours, share it with your friends and family and once the day comes just let the details fall the way they will. Now that may not be in the exact way you originally planned it, however, if it’s not going to steer you away from being happy then let it be what it is. Sometime the biggest plan changers become the best memories later.

Congratulations on getting married and I hope God finds His way in the center of it. Take care and what are you waiting for get to planning your special wedding day!

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