Details To Think About for a Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies

There are so many details to think about when getting married. What dress to wear, type of flowers to order, how many people to invite, indoor or outdoor, the list goes on. At the end of the day you want your wedding ceremony to be memorable for you and your fiance. How can you accomplish this? Here are some details to focus on to make your wedding ceremony unique and memorable for years to come while reducing the stress before, during, and after your wedding day.

Some people have way too many friends. Not that this is a bad thing in life, however, during a wedding ceremony having 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen can get overwhelming. So… just pick one Maid of Honor or BestMan. Go an extra step and name them something a little different. If you want your step kids to be apart of the ceremony name them Best Little Lady and/or Little Man of Honor. If you don’t have a little guy for a ring bearer, however, have an outgoing grandparent everyone loves, have them be your ring bearer. Some brides get stuck on the traditional details they forget they have an unique fun-loving family that can help make your big day more special than ever imagined.

When planning a wedding ceremony music is big part of the moment. You can hire a string quartet, a Disc Jockey (not to play the top club songs just the right tempo music to set the mood), a guitarist, or have a digital player using your own speakers. It all depends on what fits you. Cost can play a factor. Sometimes if you have a DJ for your reception they will do your ceremony at a lower cost that a sting quartet. Although they cannot match the elegant sound of a String Quartet they can set the perfect mood for your ceremony. A DJ can play recorded music of your favorite love songs, make it a country wedding or create a all string feel. A DJ can then close out the newly married couple with an upbeat exiting song of your choice. Making it easier to set the songs when you want them for your ceremony.

Allow time between Ceremony and Reception to take photos. Photos after the wedding rarely go within the designated time slot. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for you to get all the right images. Some do a private reveal with their fiancé before the wedding making it special with a gift to one another. Then take photos before to reduce on time and take the rest afterward. If you have faith then no matter how you do things your marriage will workout. Just make sure you both agree on how it all plays out.

Sometimes when it’s windy and outside, a unity candle does not seem like the best plan stressing out the couple. So another option is a sand ceremony where the couple has there own color sands and sometimes they add a white sand for their faith to always bond them together. Other unity options are available, however, the sand seems to be the most popular.

At the end of it all don’t focus on the details so much that the stress overwhelms the joy of you two making a public commitment to each other on your wedding day. Just make it your own and one you both will always remember as your own. No matter what keep each other the #1 priority in your marriage and everything else will go great! I hope you took in some valuable information from my wedding tips on ceremonies. I hope to blog to you soon. – DJ TRAXX IN THE SMOKIES

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